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Best female body – Which part of body is our main weapon

Who’s have best female body ? maybe it’s Vicroria’s Sectret model or unknown girl who lives in village , who knows . But what is perfect parameters for woman ? –  long legs , slim waist , proportional body and etc .

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Sometimes , people thinks that if you have super skinny body , you are perfect , but this isn’t true . to be pretty means to have body which one you love and like . Must admit , it’s hard to love yourself , cause always , we want to be  prettier , skinnier , more beautiful and in fact , to desire haven’t limits .

Style and taste is difficult. for someone, best body is body with big boobs and slim waist , someone thinks that more beautiful is to be skinny. At the earth, there are many people and of course , there are many thoughts about variation of perfection .

But , let’s consider which body parts is more Highlighted for eye  , than the others .

Look at this beautiful lady and mother of two daughters . At the first photo ,we can see that her waist isn’t slim ,  looks normal but not incredible good .  her hip and stomach are on the same level of Thickness , but look at her , she is super sexy without slim waist . in the second picture , she looks so good and have focus on her long and straight legs  .  We can boldly say that Adriana’s main and Noticeable part of body is legs .

Now , look at her , also VS’s model, Candice Swanepoel . she has Broad shoulders and where are boobs without push up bra ? but look at the second picture , she looks incredible with slim waist and super feminine hip . the fact is that , Candice ’s main weapon is legs , hip and slim waist .

So, I want to tell you that no one have ideal parameters , but we can to find our best and more beautiful part of body and Highlight it  .

What you think , whose have Best female body ?