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Dealing With Emotional Eating

Use these tips to stay in control
Your boss screamed at you in front of the entire office. Your boyfriend broke up with you through an email. Your best friend is still angry that you forgot to return her call, and your mother insists that you visit her next weekend.

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What do you do?

If you’re an emotional eater, you probably reach for a bag of potato chips, a pint of chocolate ice cream, or a large pizza with extra cheese. We’ve all experienced the occasional episode of emotional eating. But regularly using food as comfort usually means we’re eating extra calories–and adding unwanted pounds on our waistlines.

Fortunately, you can conquer emotional eating. Just try these tips whenever you feel�

Bored: Looking for something to do? Try a hobby like painting or crossword puzzles. Something that keeps your brain and your hands active will help distract you from thoughts of food.

Lonely: Food isn’t your best friend! If you feel lonely, pick up the phone and call a loved one. If no one’s available, visit my-calorie-counter and log on to the message forums to chat with likeminded folks.

Stressed: Exercise is the best way to beat stress! After you finish a tough workout, you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You could also try some meditative exercise like Yoga or Tai Chi.

Sadness: Try an activity that makes you laugh. Watch a funny movie, turn on your favorite sitcom or read an amusing book. Focus on something fun and light, and you’ll forget about your urge for food!