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Easy Ten-Minute Exercises

Although most experts recommend that we get thirty minutes of exercise most days of the week, many people have difficulty finding a half an hour of time for physical activity. Fortunately, three 10-minute sessions of physical activity are just as effective as one 30-minute session. So it's easy for busy folks with tight schedules to get the same, healthy benefits from exercise. So what kinds of exercises can you do in ten minutes? Try one of these:

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Whether on the go or in slow-mo, try these quick calorie burners

Walking/jogging: Strap on your sneakers and head outside. Power walk or jog for five minutes in one direction, then turn around and return home. You’ll have just completed a ten-minute cardio blast!

“Boot camp”: Got ten minutes during your lunch hour? Close your office door and turn those ten minutes into a “boot camp” session with basic exercises like pushups, crunches, squat thrusts and lunges.

Jumping rope: A jump rope is an inexpensive and portable device that you can take anywhere! And it’s a great cardiovascular activity that will improve your level of fitness. Carry one with you in your handbag or briefcase so you’re always prepared.

Exercise DVDs: Some exercise DVDs are designed with short 10-minute segments. If you don’t have time to do the entire workout, try completing just one of the shorter segments.

Dancing: It may feel silly, but fast dancing is a fun cardio workout–so crank up the music and shake your booty! You’ll burn calories, increase your aerobic capacity, and build stamina, too.