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Getting Back into Workouts after a Break

Working out is a habit and habits need momentum. When you break the momentum for any reason it can be hard to resume. Not only that but you might find that when you resume you have to start your workouts at a slower pace with fewer reps than you had become used to. That’s okay. Don’t let it bother you.

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Find Home gym workout routine and Then Move out Slowly

Remember the hardest part of getting back into your exercise program is picking up those bands. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you got started in the first place – you want to feel stronger, look trimmer, compete with the young college grad who just started in the office, or whatever your reason. Then start out slowly. Choose several home Gym workout routines that work the primary muscle groups and add in a few new exercises every week until you are back into your old routine.  Even if you only start with five minutes a day it’s important to re-establish the habit of picking up the bands and working through a few reps for the major muscle groups. Once you do, chances are you will do more than you planned. But don’t overdo it or it will be harder to go back to the next time.  Exercise bands are perfect for adapting your exercise level. You can work harder or less hard just by adjusting your grip on the bands and standing closer or further away from the door. Once you are back in the groove it will be easier to set new goals for yourself.

Taking a Break on Purpose

Consistency is key when working out for cardiovascular health and building muscle, but most experts agree that taking a break once in a while aids recovery. After a rest period, the body is ready to resume training and many people find that they actually perform better after a short rest period. How often should you break? Between 8 and 10 weeks of constant working a 5-7 break will do your body good. Some people prefer to train at half the usual workload rather than break altogether. If you are one of those people that have trouble getting back into your workout, this could be the key for you. In the myhotelworkout exercise book every exercise has an easy and a hard exercise. If you have worked your way up to the harder exercises, you can try the easy exercises every 8 weeks or so.  You can find out more about working with exercise bands