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Kristen Did It in 8 Months

Losing weight is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and lifestyle changes to shed the extra kilos from our body gradually. But after seeing the size 18 tag on her bridesmaid gown, a woman knew it was time for a change.

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The name Kristen Buffet fit me well. Just like a “buffet” holds variety of dishes, I also loved to eat different kinds of foods. Although weight was never an issue for me while studying in college. I even worked out and played a few sports with friends. But after landing a job at an office, I was tethered to the desk all day which allowed me no chance of exercising.

Sitting and working all day at one place made me order fast foods as they were the most easily available. Pizza, burritos, burgers complete with cans of sodas were my everyday lunch. I never thought about nutrition and the extra fat adding on my body also did not worry me much until… My best friend Emily called to inform me about her wedding and asked me to be her bridesmaid. Of course, I was thrilled that my best friend was getting married. She had moved to Florida after college and found a job (and a guy) there. We had not seen each other for a while so she was not aware I had added a few pounds.

She had started selecting dresses for bridesmaid and wanted to order right away. She sent me a few pictures to choose the one I liked best and was asking if she should order the size 12 (which I was in college). Suddenly aware and ashamed of my growing body, I couldn’t tell her that I was not my old self. My best friend recalling my previous weight made me face the truth about my problem. I had added almost 85pounds in less than 2 years and I was doing nothing about it. Of course I knew that I was short of breaths every time I walked up the stairs and was also educated enough to know of the severe health consequences the heavy weight can have on me. I was terrified – not only about my weight, or facing Emily at her wedding in a dress a ‘bit’ bigger than my old size but of being so overweight at only 27 years. I knew I had to take a stand and I did.

Starting the next day, I started cutting off the junk food that I ate in office and on commute. No sweets, sodas, French fries, burgers, etc. instead, I started bringing lunch from home which consisted of more fruits and vegetables with a small portion of a sandwich made in whole wheat bread. Rather than taking take out on way home from work, I started trying out low-calorie meals from the internet. I had a craving for soda after every meal but I used my willpower and replaced it with drinking a glass of chilled water. Thanks to the technology, I found an app that helped me make realistic goals about my weight and kept track of my daily meals, workouts and calories.

After following the above method for three weeks, I finally found the courage to step on a weight scale. Guess what I had lost 10 pounds. This motivated me to start exercising. After reading a couple of articles from the internet, I started slowly and began walking 15-30 minutes each night. Over the weeks, I started strength workouts from YouTube videos. The hard work started paying off. My pants size decreased and I felt more energetic and healthy.

Although the change was steady, but I reached my goal of size 12 in 8 months – just in time for the wedding. There was a time when I ate anything and everything. But now I’m nutritious conscious. I eat a piece of fruit and vegetable with every meal including breakfast. Anytime I feel a hunger pang coming on, I take a piece of fruit or make myself a grapefruit juice.


Foods to Eat:

My tip for those trying to lose weight is to eat everything but in a healthy proportion. Chicken, green vegetables, fruits, and soup – they are all rich in nutrition and good for the weight watchers. An excellent source of dairy is yogurt which is loaded with vitamins. I especially liked the high-protein Greek yogurt which is an excellent snack after a hard workout session.

Exercise regimes:

I love the outdoors. Evening walks are a must for me now. Everyday an hour after dinner, I take a stroll for more than 40 minutes in my neighborhood. My weekends are of course, committed to the workout sessions.

My Reward:

I reached my goal to lose weight fast and easily without any restrictive diets. It just took a lot of motivation and an eye-opening situation. My main encouragement is not only my fit body but also my good health. I used to catch every cold and flu of the season. But thank god, now I hardly get sick. I feel much healthier, stronger, and confident.

I am now at a healthy weight of 125 pounds and the bridesmaid dress fitted me perfectly. The old friends I met at the wedding all commented that I looked the same as in college. If they had seen me a year ago…