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Quick Tips for Burning Extra Calories

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Burn more calories during everyday activities
  • Always take the longest route
    The longer it takes to get you where you’re going, the more calories you’ll burn
  • Skip the drive-through window
    Park, walk and carry the load when banking or picking up the dry cleaning.
  • Hide your remote control
    Switch the channels the old-fashioned way — c’mon, you remember how to do that!
  • Pick up the pace
    Pace while chatting on the phone.
  • Strengthen up while you cook
    If you’re waiting for the water to boil, do 10 lunges on each leg. Need to add some canned goods to that recipe? Take the cans and do 10 bicep curls or upright rows before opening them and emptying the contents. If you need to constantly stir your dish, do 10 leg kickbacks on each side while you are standing and stirring.
  • Do the work yourself
    Rake the leaves, wash the windows, mow the grass, wash the car — all of those things that you have others do for you. If you do the work, you burn the calories!
  • Walk and shop
    While shopping for groceries, clothes or shoes, walk each aisle. If you know that you will not need anything on that particular aisle, walk it fast and get to the next aisle to continue your shopping.
  • Take the stairs
    If you have stairs in your home, carry the laundry up and down a few times before going to the laundry room. At work, take at least 5 flights of stairs up and 5 flights down before work, during lunch and after work.