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Road Warrior Workout

More and more of us are traveling with our jobs. Time zone changes, jet lag, eating out all the time and lack of energy while traveling can really interfere with a healthy lifestyle.

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If you spend much time in hotel rooms, what you need is a road warrior workout. You take your laptop and smart phone with you so you can have an office away from home. Using today’s technology you can do your email, write reports, go online, and send photos to your family all from the comfort of your hotel room. So that takes care of business, now what about your body?

Traveling means a lot of time sitting around; waiting for planes, sitting on planes, sitting in meetings, sitting in restaurants. And let’s face it, eating out is nice once in a while but when you do it every day for breakfast lunch and dinner, what do you eat? Restaurant food is invariably rich in the bad kinds of fat with high proportions of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates and low in protein. In fact finding high quality protein in an airport is near impossible. But you’re hungry so you have to eat something don’t you? If you are like many people, you also probably spend more time in the bar than you would at home.  So you combine a sedentary lifestyle with too much of the wrong kinds of food in large quantities and it’s no wonder you get depressed when you get back home and survey the damage to your body.

A road warrior workout has some great benefits. First, let’s face it, traveling by plane does not exactly equate to traveling in comfort. Your back takes the strain from lugging around your suitcase with a laptop pulling on your shoulder, and you can’t get up to stretch whenever you feel like so you arrive feeling like you’ve just been prised out of a sardine can.  A few minutes spent stretching out will do wonders to restore your sense of balance and loosen up those tight muscles in your back, shoulders and neck. Follow that up with a high quality workout the morning after you arrive and you will feel terrific all day long.

Working out on the road will help to burn up some of those carbs that might be all you can find to eat at the airport. Also, it will give you some much needed energy to focus in the meetings that you have to attend. If that isn’t enough reason, think about the many hours of hard work you have put into getting your body in shape. You don’t want to waste all that! When you look at all the advantages of working out on the road, a road warrior workout is an absolute must.

Road warriors can get in shape, and stay in shape – even while continuing with grueling travel schedules. It takes a bit of dedication, determination and a few tips and tricks, but it is possible and many people are able to make it work.

I want to hear from you! Do you have any tips to share with your fellow road warriors about how you make your workout routine work on the road? If so post a comment. You will be helping hundreds of people like yourself who travel frequently and wrestle the same problems you do.