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Strength Training With Resistance Bands

When people talk about strength training most of us automatically invoke images in our mind of muscle-bound men with ripped bodies lifting twice their body weight above their heads. But strength training doesn’t have to automatically imply heavy weights. Resistance bands are a great way to introduce strength training into your routine. Not only that, but they are safer and easier to use than weights and more accessible to a greater number of people.

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Health Benefits of Strength Training

The body has over 650 muscles and most of us only use a few of those each day. If you don’t use your muscles they get weaker and become ineffective at supporting the body’s primary movements. That’s why elderly people sometimes have trouble walking or lifting everyday objects.  Everyone can benefit from strength training. It helps to improve bone density,  important for fighting osteoporosis (which by the way affects men as well as women). Weight training helps to develop muscle mass and reduce stores of fat in the body. This in turn boosts your metabolism, improves the way your body processes foods, reduces your blood pressure and helps you looks younger physically and stay agile as you grow older.  Looking better will boost your self-confidence but strength training will itself help to energize you and increase your potential for maintaining a positive attitude. It boosts your immune system and makes it harder for you catch cold or come down with the flu. If you suffer from back pain, or if you have trouble walking, weight training is a low impact way to tone muscles in the lower and middle back where backache often begins  –  but make sure to check with your doctor first to find out if anything else is wrong.

How Resistance Bands Help with Strength Training

The easiest way to convince yourself that resistance bands help with strength training is by doing a couple of exercises with one. A very basic resistance band exercise involved stepping on the middle of the exercise band squarely so it runs underneath both feet. Now hold a handle in each hand and pull up as you would if you were doing bicep curls with a set of free weights. I guarantee you will feel the effect of this exercise right away. By the way keep your back straight so you don’t put stress on the back. If it’s too easy and you are not feeling the resistance, move your feet further apart to shorten the length and increase the resistance on the band.

Weight training with resistance bands is suitable for everyone, whether you are young, old or somewhere in between.  What’s more, if you are a little advanced in years, or still recovering from an injury,  you don’t have the common danger associated with weight training of inadvertently dropping a weight on your foot or your chest.  All in all, resistance band strength training is a simple and cost  effective way to counteract the natural aging process.