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The perfect body – Amazing pictures collection

Sometimes, we – girls , are surfer in the internet and looking for pictures – mostly like what kind of  appearance we want to have  . I mean pictures of fashion , cool workouter girls , nice and glamour hells or images of long legs . Body , like pictures are very beautiful . and imagine , life without photo cameras , what life could be ? I don’t want to imagine . oh yes , of course boys are surfer in the internet too ,  for pictures of girls .

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I want to mention , that perfect body is healthy body and not skinny body like a skillet . many teenagers and also adults , have weight problems and this problems increases into anorexia and bulimia . eat organic food ,many veggies and fruits , you also need proteins and if you have not Unsustainable metabolism , your weight will be stable . dear girls , you are looking pics of nice body and want to have you too , but in front of laptop , you have plate with piece of cake and after ten minutes , this cake will be in your stomach . and then , you will scroll and scroll cool photo shoots and worry about why you don’t have body like them . it’s my advice – after looking this album , go and workout .
And now , advice for boys – be nice with girls , and not with only girls . nobody wants your muscles if you have terrible mood and are rude . if you have complex because of your body and appearance , workout more and improve yourself .

The last advice – in the life , the perfect body is  fleeting , only education is sun , which helps you in the life every time .