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Tricks To Battle Common Temptations

We all have occasions when we're tempted to eat high-calorie and high-fat treats. Maybe our weakness is the office meeting, which always includes sugary doughnuts and cookies. Or perhaps our biggest temptations happen when we dine out with friends and we're faced with a menu of tasty meals. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure you stick to your diet. So when are you most likely to feel tempted?

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Practice these tips to continue your healthy lifestyle in tempting situations

At office meetings: Ask the meeting planner to replace some of the sugary treats with a few healthy options, like fresh fruit or whole grain muffins. It’s likely other office workers are wishing for healthier choices, too. Keep a bottle of water with you so you can sip it during the meeting.

At restaurants: Keep portions small by ordering two appetizers, like a green salad and soup, instead of one entree. Or simply indulge in one thing–either the appetizer, entree or dessert–and make healthy choices during the other parts of the meal. Watch out for alcohol, which is high in calories and can lower your inhibitions so you end up making poor food decisions.

Running errands: It’s not uncommon to feel a “snack attack” when running errands, especially when the tempting smell of nachos or soft pretzels wafts through the shopping mall. Keep a stash of healthy snacks–like trail mix or dried fruit–in your handbag or car so you never get too hungry when you’re out and about.

In the evening: Many of us get the urge to snack before bedtime. Always have healthy snacks on hand. Wash fruits and veggies ahead of time so they’re easy to grab. And do your best to avoid buying sugary snacks at the supermarket. If they’re not in your cupboard, you can’t eat them.