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Unique Ways To Exercise

If your only workout is jogging on the same treadmill for thirty minutes, you may believe that exercise is boring and tedious. However, there are plenty of unique ways to exercise that will keep your workout routine exciting and fun. Try:

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Learn how to mix it up and still get your work-out in!

Gardening! You’ll burn about 180 calories* for every half hour you spend gardening. Make it strenuous by pushing around a wheelbarrow, digging up trees or pushing a lawn mower, and you’ll torch even more calories!

Dancing! Turn up the stereo and dance around your living room, or visit a hot dance club during your next night out on the town. Fast hip-hop dancing uses about 200 calories every thirty minutes and it’ll help boost your aerobic capacity.

Redecorating! Bring out your inner home designer and rearrange the furniture in your living room or bedroom. Just thirty minutes of moving around chairs, tables and sofas will burn 225 calories. And all that heavy pushing and pulling will strengthen your muscles, too.

Cleaning! It might not be the most fun you’ve had all year, but “spring cleaning” can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. And in thirty minutes of moderate cleaning–like sweeping floors and wiping the windows–you’ll torch 125 calories.

Shopping! Hit the mall and indulge in your urge to spend! Browsing the stores will burn about 100 calories in half an hour. And you can increase those calories by carrying your shopping bags (rather than pushing them in a cart) and walking briskly through the mall.

*calorie counts are approximate and based on a 150 lb person