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What does a dietitian eat in a day?

What Do Dietitians Eat
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What does a dietitian eat in a day?!? 🤔🤔You guys have asked me this question so many times that I decided to show you!!


Meal 1: Red velvet protein pancakes (recipe on my website). I actually didn’t finish the whole stack! It was too much so I only ate about 2.5 waffles 😂 I also added natural Greek yoghurt to them 👌🏼 + cup peppermint tea

Meal 2: Banana, medium soy Capp bought at work & a few mixed nuts (not pictured)

Meal 3: Wholemeal wrap filled with tuna, cheese & salad – I used sweet chilli sauce too 😎 + cup green tea

Meal 4: Pre gym snack 2 hours before gym sess – Grain toast with almond butter & another soy Capp (I was so tired today & needed extra caffeine to get me through a big legs day!) Meal 5: Post gym – Smoked salmon fillets, quinoa, olives, cheese, blueberries & salad + cup herbal tea

Meal 6: after dinner – 1/2 mango & a few pieces dark chocolate (not pictured) 🍫🍫

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t count calories daily – I have a rough idea of how many calories my body requires & a good understanding of macros that I just eat until my body is satisfied roughly within my macro requirements ✔️If I find I’m losing/gaining weight or muscle (depending on my goals) then I’ll track my calories & macros for 2-3 days every few months to get myself back on track but as a generally guide I just eat whole foods, as much colour as possible & a good balance of low GI carbs, protein & healthy fats from mostly whole food sources 😁 .

I know you guys are going to ask me so I’ll beat you to it – If I had to estimate I’d say I probably consume roughly 2000-2200 cals a day (I’m 6ft tall & train 5 days a week 💪🏼) & I eat slightly less on non training days & reduce my carb intake slightly & increase my fat intake slightly to keep me a bit fuller on days off 🙊👌🏼✨ Ask me any questions about my meals below but remember I can’t give you specific advice about how many calories you should eat (see a local dietitian for this!) but feel free to ask me generic questions about my meals, ingredients or routine 💗