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Who is Susan Powter ?

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Fitness and diet guru Susan Powter was a mid-1990’s self-help sensation, recognized by millions for her “Stop the Insanity” mantra, signature high energy, direct delivery and white, buzz cut hairstyle.

Through Susan’s personal story of losing over l30 pounds as a single mother of two babies, she changed the diet and fitness industry forever.

Susan has been gone for the last 10 years raising her third son. During that time, Susan continued to maintain her physique and a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family, and she further developed her proven weight loss and wellness program, Susan Powter’s Lifestyle Exchange Program with her seventh book with Simon and Schuster: The Politics of Stupid.

Recently seen on Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Insider, The Simple Life, Chelsea Lately, Mike and Juliet, The Today Show and Good Morning America, and featured in Elle magazine, Susan has reemerged to build a new destination for people seeking weight loss and wellness in their lives with her wellness universe, susanpowteronline.com.

Finally, “lean, strong, healthy and well is global. Millions of people, all over the world can get the information, motivation and inspiration they deserve to have to change the way they look and feel forever.”