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Will Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

These days, green tea has reached almost "magic elixir" status among health and weight loss supplements. Some experts link it to lower rates of heart disease, lower cholesterol, a reduced risk of some cancers, and a speedier metabolism. But are all of these claims really true?

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There has been some scientific evidence to suggest that green tea may benefit both our health and our waistline. A University of Geneva study found that men who consumed green tea supplements burned more calories than those who did not. And some animal studies have indicated that green tea may help slow or stop the growth of cancer cells.

However, other research indicates that green tea has no effect on cancer. And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also believes that green tea has no significant health benefits.

But even if green tea doesn’t have “magical” weight loss properties, it may still help you lose a few pounds. Just make yourself a cup of hot green tea when you are:

Watching TV. Drink it while you watch TV or movies instead of reaching for high calorie hot chocolate.

Cooking dinner. Rather than nibbling and tasting as you cook, sip a cup of green tea.

Finished with a meal. Replace a sugary dessert with naturally sweet green tea and you’ll save hundreds of calories!

Ready to snack. Feel like a nighttime nosh? A cup of green tea before you eat may fill your tummy so you don’t need to snack after all!