100 Calorie Diet – Eat Regularly and Still Achieve Success – Just Count Your Calories Intake

100 Calorie Diet

100 Calorie Diet – Eat Regularly and Still Achieve Success – Just Count Your Calories Intake

Have you heard of the 100-Calorie Diet? It offers astonishing effects on weight loss within a couple of days. Find out the full story about this including the positive and negative effects of this plan.

To give you a bit of background, the 100-Calorie Diet is unlike most programs or meal plans designed and developed by medical doctors and dietitians. Two sisters named Susie and Tammy Trimble simply made this who found it extremely effective in losing considerable weight and becoming healthier. On a positive note, this is a very simple and logical way of losing weight because you only have to be mindful of your caloric intake.

Unlike most weight-loss programs wherein they ask a person to eat only a specific kind of food and there are more limited foods than those foods allowed, the 100-Calorie Diet is a plan where you will be able to eat anything under the sun. This is not a joke; you can have anything that your stomach and mind desire, as long as you will not go beyond your caloric intake. Therefore, there is no major change in your present lifestyle, which is good because some programs ask you to do major lifestyle changes that are quite impossible. In this plan, you will eat regularly and still achieve success provided that you limit your caloric intake.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of this weight loss program:


1. It gives us better awareness of our daily caloric intake and portion control.

2. It allows us to have any food that we wish to have and thus, preventing deprivation that results to binge eating and other eating disorders.

3. It promotes a slow but steady weight loss unlike other plans.


1. It does not require a person to exercise.

2. It allows alcohol consumption, intake of diet soda, and even artificial sweeteners.


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