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400 Calorie Diet: How Does It Work?

400 Calorie Diet: How Does It Work?

Recently, the 400 calorie diet has taken over many weight losses diet programs in the media. In one television show, there was a woman who had successfully lost six pounds using this weight loss technique. The truth is, this weight loss program is healthy and has been designed by health experts.

So what is this diet all about?

In this kind of diet program, you are advised to take four meals in a day and each of these meals has 400 calories. By so doing, you will be expected to shed off at least 11 pounds within a period of two weeks. We all know how hard it is to quit the foods we love during dieting. So this diet program ensures that we can still enjoy these foods but lose some weight as well.

Such a diet can include:

1) Broccoli and fried beef with about 410 calories
2) Shrimps, rice, sausage and scallops with 360 calories
3) Roasted potatoes with onions and carrots at about 420 calories

With this kind of recipe, you will notice that all you need is to keep the calories at about 400 or less. It’s inspiring that you can still enjoy these foods and lose weight at the same time.

Benefits and limitations of this diet:

The 400 calorie diet however has some advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that it does not limit your choice of foods. All you have to do is make sure you control your calorie in take. Other diets are a bit restrictive in regard to what you consume. This has been found to be a source of fascination in most people who admit that it gives them the motivation to go on and on. It still is very economical as you do not have to spend extra money replacing your meals or in exercise.

The greatest challenge in this diet plan is estimating the amount of calories in each diet. Most people find this quite difficult and impractical. Due to this, you might want to pay some extra attention to the details on the labels regarding calorie content. This diet plan may also force you to spend a little more time preparing you meals as you attempt to limit the calorie in take.

However, this type of diet is not quite flexible. But the overall good is that it is healthy and that should be the goal of any weight loss plan. Because as we all know, for any weight loss to occur, you must be prepared to reduce the calorie intake. There is not much data to determine its success as it’s still quite new but it sure is a healthy way to start off.

Like all the other weight loss techniques, the success of this program is also pegged on the kind of effort you put in to it. The experts behind this program have a lot of experience on weight loss and you can be sure you will not go wrong if you follow it strictly. However, to make it more effective, you may consider incorporating daily exercises into your 400 calorie diet plan since weight loss involves a change in diet and physical activity.

If you’re looking for a weight loss program that is healthy and has shown results, then you might want to try the 400 calorie diet. The truth is, you can lose up to six pounds using this technique.

When you first start eating 400 calories for each meal and snack, it may feel like you’re eating very little. However, this is only because your body is used to eating much more than 400 calories.

The 400 calorie diet consists of consuming snacks and meals that are rich in nutrients but low in calories. This will give your body enough energy without causing it to gain excess weight.

Once you begin following the 400 calorie diet plan, your body will begin producing more energy from the food that you consume. Eventually, your body will become accustomed to working harder and burning more calories.

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