Acai Diet – Oprah Diet Relaunches With the Acai Power Blast Weight Loss Pills

Acai Diet Oprah Diet Relaunches With the Acai Power Blast Weight Loss Pills

Acai Diet – Oprah Diet Relaunches With the Acai Power Blast Weight Loss Pills

Since mid 2008, Oprah’s Acai diet – (her fourth diet plan for your interest) – hit the market, and subsequently since, manufactures have been racing to catch up with demand by attempting to redefine this health supplement in it’s most effective affordable form.

The latest to role off the shelf is the new Acai Power Blast. Not too dissimilar from the original brands extracts from 6 months ago, the new Acai power blast suggests that it’s composites include an overall more dense structure that enables the user to take less thus increasing it’s length of how long consumption will stretch.

If your not familiar with Acai, the berry itself has been around since time began but only since less than a year has it been manufactured to help assist in weight loss.

Obviously due to the appalling rise in the obesity rate in the U.S and elsewhere, Acai brands itself as one of those “Super-foods” to help combat this in a jiffy!

Well – not strictly true, Acai is essentially a fat burner and detoxifies but again, like all these weight loss supplements, it is the TRIAD plan which will have the most effect. Simply put:

i) Diet  (Food Intake)

ii) Exercise

iii) Weight Loss Supplement

So – if you have the first two taken care of and wish to assist your diet with a weight loss supplement, this, Mr Perricone, a well known dermatologist and Rachel Ray, so-called renowned weight loss chef argue will help compliment your diet plan.

Acai Diet: Advantages:

High in Anti-Oxidants.

Complex in Nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Detoxifies the Colon and reduces fat blockage.

Slight Appetite suppressant.

Natural energy booster.

Free 1 month Trial

Acai Diet: How does it work?

It simply involves taking some Acai juice/pill each day assisted with a high fibrous shake/smoothie to clear your colon. Due to its rich composition devised from chromium polyniconate, extracts of gymnema sylvestre and extracts of garcinia cambogia, your metabolism effectively increases. Oprah’s Acai diet is therefore a natural fat burner.

Acai Diet: Disadvantages:

If you are assisting your diet plan with exercise and a healthy fibrous diet then the Acai Berry Power Blast should show few if no side-effects, but because your metabolism increases, this results in increased energy and may cause some slight jitters as your body is telling you to exercise as you have energy to burn off.

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