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Benefits of Weight Training

Benefits of Weight Training

Many public health guidelines stipulate aerobics and general physical activity – which improve cardio-respiratory health – as the primary focus for maintaining a healthy body.
However, research has shown that strength training has enormous benefits to the musculoskeletal composition.

It has also been demonstrated that with just two 15 to 20 minute sessions per week, virtually all the benefits of strength training can be reaped.

Science behind weight training

For muscle to grow, there should be a constant supply of oxygen, blood, hormones, carbohydrates and proteins. Muscle tissue is nothing more than bundles of spasmodic fiber. When you lift weights, your muscles will contract (shorten), aided by glycogen – stored carbohydrates – which is used for energy.

Repeated lifting causes the muscles to engorge with blood through the capillaries, which carries oxygen and nutrients to replenish muscle fibers. When the initial rush of blood empties back into the system, the bulging dissipates.

Weight training that is sensible should work all muscle groups in precise controlled movements without exerting heavy resistance. Its benefits can be viewed in two fitting categories:

1. Remediation of chronic health ailments

2. Physique, wellness and self-esteem.

The difference is that the first category is about disease mitigation, such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer and obesity, while the second one is about building good physique for a good image, mental fitness, sport, or even just for enjoyment and fun.

Weight training increases strength, balance

The more you weight train, the stronger your muscles become. Your overall balance and stamina will also improve due to the increased efficiency of the joints and muscles.

Improves bone density and strength

As you lift weights through impact exercise, your muscles and tendons stretch against the bones at the point of attachment, forcing your bone to grow in density, hence becoming stronger.

Lose weight

Weight training is the perfect companion for weight loss. It helps you lose the pounds by building your muscles, thus increasing metabolism.

Improve wellness and boost immunity

Seems like a huge toll doesn’t it? To achieve all these things with weight training, but lets analyze it. Regular exercise leads to good sleep; and exercise plus good sleep lead to enhanced immunity. Wellness refers to sound health and fitness; generally being energetic and resistant to disease. If you back up your exercise ethic with regular weight training, you’ll raise your self-esteem and confidence.

Cardiovascular ailments

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are increasingly incorporating supervised weight training, often as a complement of other aerobics. When appropriately performed, it is considered safe and has been shown to be effective in achieving a steady recovery. However, people with known cases of uncontrolled hyper-tension should desist from high-intensity weight training.

Metabolic syndrome

This refers to a group of symptoms of factors associated with chronic ailments linked to food consumption, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, excess weight, and glucose intolerance. Weight training coupled with aerobic exercise have been shown to provide benefits in scaling back these symptoms.

All these benefits are backed by scientific findings by fitness experts or years of practical experience. Sometimes, it’s a matter of personal needs. Some people derive preventive health benefits while others do weight training for shaping, toning and body building.

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