Boost Fat Loss 3 Times Faster

Boost Fat Loss 3 Times Faster

If statistics are anything to go by, more than two-thirds of Americans are carrying more body fat than they would desire and, most of them hate to be like that.

Worse, most of them are sticking to things that are totally unhelpful for fat loss. When you make a decision to lose fat, stick to it and do the right things.

By searching for the right information, you‘ve already made one good decision. After reading this information, you’ll be equipped with the right paraphernalia that will accelerate your fat loss three times faster.

Do not starve yourself

It’s one fatal mistake most people make; starving themselves thin. Why is it a mistake? Your body actually needs energy to burn fat and nurture muscle mass, which becomes hyper-active metabolically when it is properly fed.

What you need is to go off the 3 square meals a day and break it into 5 to 6 smaller, healthier meals. This is important for it naturally charges your metabolism and, it keeps you energized all the time.

Note that eating more meals a day is one thing, and the type of foods you’re eating is another. The effect of the food you eat can have dramatic effect on the rate at which you lose fat. If you concentrate on natural foods, supplemented with a lot of greens, your fat loss rate will go through the roof. But if processed foods make a large chunk of your meals, you can forget about losing fat.

Watch your carbs

Secondly, ensure that you eat a moderate amount of carbs so that your fat stores slump. Be careful not to get wound up by the current low-carb craze because ripping carbs entirely out of your diet is more calamitous.

When you consume less complex and starchy carbs, your body starts to use up fat stores more rapidly. For best results, replace starchy carbs with vegetables – they contain less calories to have an effect on insulin, thus you stay in fat burning mode all through.

Include more good fat in your diet

There are two types of dietary fat – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ fat. Interestingly, the body needs ‘good’ fat to burn fat. In fact, one can be overweight but fat deficient. Essential fats are necessary for body functions to occur at optimal levels. They are even very vital for healthy weight loss.

What fats should you eat? The best fats for a healthy body are unsaturated fats, found mainly in vegetable oils, sea food and nuts. Those to avoid or heavily limit are saturated fats, which are mostly found in animal products.

To limit the amount of bad fat you consume, try a vegetarian meal or two each week, replace full-fat milk with skim-milk, drink a lot of lemon juice, replace fatty sauces with mustards or vinegar, and cook with olive or canola oil.

In conclusion, these three tools will put you on a sure way to lose excess fat. However, they can only be successful when used in conjunction with consistent exercise.

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