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Can Losing Weight Make You Feel Sexy Again?

Can Losing Weight Make You Feel Sexy Again?

Have you ever wondered if losing the excess weight that you are carrying around will make you feel sexy again? If so, the answer is it is highly likely that it will. If you felt good about your body before you gained weight chances are when you regain your former body weight you will feel sexy as a result.

There are countless stories of women who have gone from a state of morbid obesity to one of a normal svelte body and felt like a completely new person as a result. They now date again and get looks from men, which would never happen when they were overweight. As a result they have gained a tremendous boost in their self-image and self-respect.

It is very disheartening to look in the mirror and see a fat flabby body when all of the media images that portray sexiness are of thin fit individuals. Most people who are overweight are embarrassed by their body and ashamed that they have let themselves go to the point where their body has become so unattractive.

Losing weight should be primarily about regaining a healthy body weight that will keep you from suffering from many of the typical diseases that are prevalent in individuals who are overweight. As a side benefit you likely will feel much more full of energy and vigor and ready to take on the world. If you have been sedentary and reclusive because of your weight you are likely to feel as if you have been given a new lease on life.

Along with this new lease likely will come a sense of sexiness that you have not experienced in many years. Not only will you be happy with yourself but also you will realize others of the opposite sex are attracted to you, which will inevitably make you feel good. So I say lose weight to get healthy and fit and take as an additional benefit that you may feel sexier than you have in many years.


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