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Diets for Men Burning Fat Fast

Diets for Men Burning Fat Fast

For many men, getting in shape and staying fit is the ultimate fitness goal. If you’re intent on this goal, consider shedding fat your number one priority. The first thing you ought to do is to overhaul your kitchen and start eating right.

Sadly, majority of people – even men – think that by starving themselves, they are helping their weight. On the contrary, it’s further from the truth.

In any case, stringent restrictions on calorie intake actually increase fat storage in the body, while lean muscle mass is scavenged as the body tries to fight the energy deficit.

Below are some guidelines on the diet plans for men

Stay off white carbohydrates: simply limiting your intake of white carbohydrates will greatly increase your fat burning rate. Reason is that white carbs can really mess up blood insulin levels, resulting in fat piling up faster. Foods in this category that you should avoid include white bread, pastas, white rice, potatoes, tortillas, and some cereals.

Sweetened drinks contain a lot of calories too so you might want to check their consumption. When you’ve embarked on a fat loss program, ensure to drink lots of water or sugarless tea – green tea is better. Stay off soda, even diet soda isn’t good for fat loss.

Studies have shown that people who consumed 20 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast lost more weight compared to those who ate bagel. Nutritionists recommend protein-shake in the morning for those not keen on taking meals at breakfast.

Have a healthy bite every now and then to keep your blood sugar levels even all day long. Even if you’re eating less at ago, you’ll be actually eating more at the end of the day – as long as it’s the healthy stuff. Your snacks should have at least 20 grams of protein each. Your healthy list of snacks should include broccoli, spinach, collard greens, sprouts, Brussels, and kale – dense in protein, minerals and fiber that helps your body burn fat.

You should follow these tips in this diet plan for at least 4 weeks to notice some significant changes. It’s okay to have a single day of craziness in a week if you’ve stuck to the plan 100 percent. This will help you get some freedom from the ‘psychological’ prison of dieting and, your leptin levels will drop, informing your body that burning fat as fuel is healthy.

Typical fat burning diet schedule for men


Two to three macadamia, scrambled eggs plus spinach
Two cups of raw sugarless tea
One cup black beans

First Snack

Two Teaspoons almond butter
One cup raw celery-well chopped


Chicken strips -grilled
Half- cup pinto beans
Mixed vegetables – one-half cup
Guacamole – one-third cup

Second Snack:

Protein shake


Organic beef
One-cup lentils
One-cup mixed vegetables

Calorie counting is not a good idea as it’s likely to drive you mad, let alone putting you into a dangerous caloric restriction trap. Also, trying to change your eating habits in one go is going to be hard – frankly, it wont work. Take it a meal at a time, for instance, simply starting with a protein-rich breakfast will have tremendous results for your fat loss.

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