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Eat More, Weigh Less – Is it Yet Another “Diet Plan” Or Does it Offer Anything Different? 

Eat More, Weigh Less – Is it Yet Another “Diet Plan” Or Does it Offer Anything Different?

Is there a truth in the phrase, ‘eat more weigh less’? Well, Dean Ornish, MD attests its validity. Based from his diet books, this food regimen is for the masses, and is adapted to reverse heart disease. It has been widely known in the medical community because of its numerous health benefits.

Unlike other diet books, Ornish’s is a very simple but well-supported nutritional reference to easy and accessible steps to eat more and weigh less.

* The main point is to eat a high-fiber diet, at the same time, a low-fat vegetarian diet, which will not only make you healthy, but will also aid in losing weight.

* Setting back in Fred Flinstone’s era, a very small amount of food was available, and it was quite tough to know where the next meal was coming from.

* Naturally, the body wanted to hang onto all the energy, and would try to store any available energy as fat. Although, today, when we already have an almost continuous access to food; our bodies haven’t adapted that much to this way of living.

* The rate, at which you are burning calories can decrease when one consume fewer calories. Many of us experience that pounds melt away for a week or two, but still the scale doesn’t nudge. Our weight stays just the same, for a week or longer.

* Eat-all-you-want, and eat-as-often-as-you-are-hungry routine has an argument though, with the metabolism staying at the same rate. Physical activity, encouraging long, slow exercise that uses body fat as fuel, was yet given a passing nod by Ornish.


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