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EODD Diet Plan – Will it Work For You?

EODD Diet Plan – Will it Work For You?

As far as most diets and weight loss programs go, a lot of sacrifice of both time and the foods you love are critical for you to succeed at losing that unwanted weight. This is why most people fail majority of the programs and products out there. Not everyone has the same amount of time everyday to dedicate to exercising, nor do they adhere to a strict diet throughout the programs. With as many holidays, celebrations, and get-togethers that we all go to, it’s no wonder that staying on a diet is so difficult!

One program in particular actually focuses on these things that make sticking to a diet difficult and incorporates them into the program which has been creating thousands of success stories since 2004. The EODD diet plan or the Every Other Day Diet plan is different than any programs out there. It encourages the opposite of any diets out there. Instead of cutting down your calorie intake everyday, you keep your metabolism guessing by varying your calorie intake everyday. In the EODD diet plan, you start your diet by eating lightly and eating foods that are rich in protein as this helps your body burn fat quicker. Now on opposite days from eating foods high in protein, you can eat…well pretty much whatever you want. This includes, pizza,hamburgers, tacos, pasta, etc.

When you cut your calorie intake down day after day, your body immediately pushes your metabolism to burn calories at it’s regular pace, but your body quickly predicts your daily calorie intake and slows your metabolism down to adjust. Now with the EODD diet plan, by eating whatever you want on days you’re not eating high protein foods, your metabolism is constantly working to keep guessing your calorie intake. On days where you eat lighter, your body is burning calories at the same rate as when you are eating your favorite foods. This is why the EODD diet plan has been creating so many success stories!


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