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Fattening Habits You Must ELIMINATE Now

Fattening Habits You Must ELIMINATE Now

If you’re struggling to lose weight to no avail, you might have some habits that make it so hard for your body to shed fat. However, with some resolve and a few tweaks in your lifestyle, you can reverse all those fattening habits.

Not seeking professional advice

The good thing is that by reading this information, you’re already doing a habit that will help you lose weight.

Researchers in Canada noted that more than 1000 recipients of diet and exercise advice managed to change their reckless eating ways for healthier foods, and engaged more in physical activity. Seek useful information and advice from those who have sacrificed their time to learn the ins and outs on how to lose weight.

Consuming ‘low fat’

Crazy as it may seem, you should really desist from buying foods branded ‘fat-free’ or ‘low fat’. True, you’ll eat less calories and, in so doing get deprived of good fat. You instead get quick-digesting carbohydrates – resulting in a sugar rush and eventually hunger.

Researchers found that meals that are 43 percent carbohydrates have a benign effect on blood sugar, compared with meals that are 55 percent carbohydrates. That means your body will retain less fat and you’re less likely to feel hungry.

Having less sleep, or too much

If you sleep for less than five hours while dieting, your waistline increases 2 times, according to findings, and, for those who sleep for more than eight hours, you’ll pack on a few ponds less than that. An average of six to seven hours of sleep per night is ideal for weight loss.

Restaurant freebies

Many restaurants offer chips, breadsticks and biscuits as compliments. Although they are free now, you’re likely to ‘pay in kind’ later. Each time you munch on those breadsticks, you’re adding 150 calories to your meal.

Have three over a diner course and we’re talking about 450 extra calories. that’s about the same amount you can expect form a basket of tortilla chips at your favorite Mexican eatery. To make things worse, these calories have zero nutritional value; its basically junk food.

Drinking soda

Nearly a gallon of soda is consumed by every American in a single week. Why is this scary? Because according to a 2005 study, guzzling two or three sodas a day elevates chances of becoming obese or overweight by 33 percent.

Skipping meals to lose weight

Many people skip meals in a bid to lose weight. What is unknown to them is that it actually leads to more fat storage, hence the risk of becoming over weight. This is as a result of a slowed metabolism and increased hunger, making you more likely to overeat at your next meal.

Using larger dishes

This may sound flimsy but a big percentage of people would chose a large plate if given an option. It wouldn’t be bad but it means you’re likely to serve larger portions, which translates into more calories and more body fat. On the other hand, smaller dishes ensure your portions are in check.

Drinking less water

The benefits of drinking enough water can not be over emphasized. The best part is that your chances of staying slender are boosted by drinking more water. It’s a good habit to pour down a glass or two right before a meal.

You can really tweak these habits around without creating a fuss in your life.

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