Renee Beauregard 26 lost 50 pounds

Self investment is what really matters here Renee Beauregard 26 lost

Renee Beauregard 26 lost 50 pounds

Self-investment is what really matters here.

“My weight loss means I gave myself the love and time I deserved all along. Becoming a mother, my first instinct was to put all of my energy and time into my daughter, but I was losing myself in that cycle. Taking the time to eat better and getting some activity in each day made me happier and more energetic for myself and my family.”

It took me a long time to understand that putting others before myself wasn’t going to work. I started by cooking dinner for the family every night (something I didn’t do before) and scheduling some cardio every day with my daughter playing in the room.

I used to leave her with my mom so she could watch her while I worked out, but because she’s still so young, it was hard being away from her for longer than an hour a day. Having her there with me definitely made things easier!

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Renee Beauregard couldn’t do much to help her son, who was born with a rare form of cancer. But she could help herself, and that’s what she did.

“I lost 50 pounds through small changes and being more mindful of my eating habits,” says Renee. “I focused on portion control, incorporated more fruits and vegetables into my diet, tried to incorporate at least one new healthy recipe a week, and when I did eat something unhealthy, I didn’t beat myself up over it.”

Renee also started walking daily (she lives in the very walkable town of Chicago), and soon added running to her routine.

“It took me three months to lose 50 pounds,” she says. “I kept the weight off for about two years, but gave birth to my daughter in August 2018, so now I’m back on the journey.”

Renee’s advice? “If you want to be healthier and feel better, start somewhere. Take a small step each day or each week towards your goal.”



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