How I Lost 76 Lbs In Three Months, The Healthy Way

How I Lost 76 Lbs In Three Months The Healthy Way

I was 267 pounds and found myself out of air when I walked even short distances, I ate about 4 times a day (big meals) not in moderation. It was hard to breath when I bent over to pick something up. I had to have something sweet on a daily basis, I would eat in between meals, I was a night owl and would eat after midnight and only sleep for 5 hours at night. I didn’t know why I was feeling this way, lightheaded, sweating, eyes were blurry, fatigued all the time, and just not feeling well at all. So what really made this nightmare a reality to me is being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My blood sugar was in the 400’s range. I immediately went on pill medication tablets. I knew if I was going to live I had to change my habits & weight. So I found this weight loss program, that was recommended by the Veterans hospital to lose body fat. It was a guaranteed 14 lbs in two weeks. I was in no shape to hesitate I had to do something quick. I was skeptical, and it was my third program to try.

Let me just say this, it takes three things to lose weight, believe me I am living proof of that. They are the following:

1. Desire To Lose Weight – If you say I want to lose weight, and go eat at McDonalds, or eat donuts, that is not a desire. Desire means, changing all eating habits, like vegetables, salads, not eating after 7:00 pm at night. You got to be determined and nothing will change your desire.

2. Have To Be Motivated– If you wake up in the morning and say, I think I will skip my walk today and do it tomorrow, you will say the same thing tomorrow. When you wake up you should look forward to doing your workout no matter if it’s a 15 minute workout, or a 1 hour workout. You should look forward to your changed eating habits because you know the end result.

3. Stay Consistent– If you do great on your eating and your workout one day, and skip the next day, and eat cheesecake you will be losing what you did the day before, and your motivation and desire will decrease. When you set up your plan DO NOT alter from it. Stick to it!

The plan I used helped me stay on course, and as the weight was coming off using this plan, my blood sugar count was dropping. I can not thank the Hollywood Weight Loss plan enough for what it has done for my life. It made me feel better about myself, gave me a sense of accomplishment, self esteem, it gave me more confidence in myself, and now at age 58 I feel great, and energetic! So if you want a plan that actually works, that takes off the fat, then you need Hollywood Weight Loss.

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