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How to Lose a Beer Belly

How to Lose a Beer Belly

Fat that accumulates around the belly is a high risk factor for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and insulin resistance, among other risks.

It’s no surprise that a lot of men are trying to get in shape to prevent health risks. Interestingly, some people derive a sense of pride from a fat belly.

Like the saying ‘prevention is better than cure‘, most times, preventing it in the first place is better. Begin with understanding what causes a beer gut so that you can ‘nip it in the bud‘.

There are many factors that lead to a beer belly. The major culprit is an imbalance in the net energy storage. Basically, that means more usable calories are consumed than can be expended.

Other factors are genes, gender (common in men), age (metabolism slows with age), and the environment. We can safely conclude that if you are male and are over 35 years and you enjoy the bitter beverage, then you might want to start watching your waistline.

Belly fat is particularly stubborn and it takes a feat to lose it. Spot-reducing a beer gut to a six pack is a common mistake many people make. Starving is another misdemeanor that arises from being too desperate. Start with a few lifestyle tweaks to get motivated, then you can get down to burning fat. When your belly is flat enough, you can upgrade to the six-pack.

Start small: instead of diving right in at the deep end with exercising, start with simple lifestyle changes. For instance, abandon your car to work. Ride a bike or take a walk. If your work place is some miles away from home, drive your car up to a few blocks away, then walk the remainder of the distance.

Split your meals into smaller ones, instead of 3-4 large meals a day. If you have to eat a large meal, do it in the morning hours. It’s also better to swap coffee for green tea.

Drink lots of water instead of beer or soda. If drinking has been part of your social make up, it’s hard to suddenly abandon it. Instead, taper down your consumption in phases. Say, if you’ve been drinking seven bottles a week, take that down to four, then three after some weeks until it’s a bare minimum.

Leave processed foods for your teenage son and his friends. Fruits and vegetables are a given if you want to cut belly fat. So, instead of munching on those twinkies, reach for an apple.

Aerobic exercise is good for shedding fat. It’s really a double-edged sword as it helps to condition your heart and lungs too. Try some basic aerobic exercises like skipping, jogging, cycling or swimming. Spend some money and invest in a good gym, but the results will be worth the hustle.

These basic pointers will help you lose the beer belly and get into perfect shape. Remember, focus on exercises that work all body muscles, not just the stomach. Consider slimming pills with caution. However, making the decision to lose belly fat is a huge step in the right direction.

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