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How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth For New Mothers

How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth For New Mothers

Firstly, I wish to congratulate you as a new mother. You must be very happy with your bundle of joy indeed and I share your joy. Now is the time to lose the extra weight that you have gained during pregnancy and be slim and sexy again.

You gained weight when you were pregnant because you ate more in order to feed yourself and your baby. As your baby grows inside you, you will also get heavier because of the combined weight of the baby, your enlarged placenta and its content.

Most new mothers will immediately lose between 8-15 pounds after delivery and what is left of the pregnancy weight gain will then take some time and effort to shed. In order to lose these few more extra pounds, you now have to make some lifestyle changes such as eating the right foods as well as taking up an exercise program.

However, do not jump into a weight loss program immediately after delivering your bundle of joy as your body need time to recover from the stress of pregnancy and giving birth. So rest for a few weeks and then get your doctor’s green light before you proceed with a deliberate weight loss plan.

At this stage, it is advisable that you hire a professional fitness trainer who is either trained in or have experiences in post natal weight loss workouts and nutrition. If hiring professionals is out of your budget, then the following tips may help you to lose your unwanted fat and get back your sexy body before you were pregnant.

First of all, start with avoiding sugar laden food like ice creams, pastries, confectioneries, sugary soft drinks and anything else that is sweet. Do not add sugar, especially refined sugars into your coffee or tea. For many people, just by avoiding sweet food and beverages alone will help them lose a few pounds.

Next, eat more high fiber food such as all types of leafy and cruciferous vegetables. This is because very little fibrous calories are absorbed into your system and therefore you can feel full without absorbing too much calories. At the same time, the fibers help digestive system and assist in healthy bowel movements.

After resting for a few weeks after your delivery, get your doctor’s clearance to start an exercise program to burn more calories and to get stronger. I highly recommend that you start a weight training program. Ladies, do not be afraid to lift weights. It is a myth that lifting weight can put on bulky muscles like those of women bodybuilders.

Do know that it is impossible for women to get bulky muscles without specialized training, therapies and bodybuilding supplements. This is because women naturally do not have enough testosterone that is essential for building big muscles.

Yes, you will put on some muscles but those muscles will tone your body sexily instead of looking bulky. Furthermore, weight training will strengthen your bones as you would have loss some bone density during pregnancy.

You probably would have also lost some muscles when you were pregnant and the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolism and the lower your metabolism, you burn fat less effectively. So the more muscles you have, the more efficient is your fat burning rate.

So if you want to lose the extra weight you gained during pregnancy, just stick to eating correctly and start an effective weight loss exercise program, that is all that is to it to lose post natal weight.


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