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How to Preform Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight

How to Preform Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Today obesity is at the highest levels it has ever been in the United States. The land of the free is the first nation in history to have problems not because of too little food, but actually having to much food. The mass availability of food in places such as fast food restaurants, mega-grocery stores, pre-packaged goods and other restaurants make for an incredible amount of temptation. When you factor in the chemicals added to food to make them taste incredible and become addictive, the consumer is really at a disadvantage in not become addicted to the food system. The high amounts of processed sugar not only make the food attractive and unhealthy, but also increase and promote hunger. The food you eat actually can make you hungrier than you were before due to the chemicals placed in processed foods. With so much working to keep you coming back and eating more unhealthy food, only those with incredible motivation and discipline can remain at healthy levels. Many Americans lack this motivation and are at a loss of how to gain this motivation. The easy answer is to find the motivation from within. This is much easier said than done using conventional methods. Just telling yourself in a conscious state you will eat healthier does very little as you drive by a McDonald’s and find yourself hungry for the seventh time today.

Hypnosis and specifically for the purpose of this article, self-hypnosis, is an amazing way to seed this motivation and come away with an iron clad discipline and healthy lifestyle. Most, if not all, hypnosis experts will agree that even going to a hypnotist still is just self-hypnotism. THe hypnotist’s voice is merely the vehicle designed to get you into the state to hypnotic relaxation. There are four levels of brain activity each with different cycles and so forth. Without going into too much detail, hypnotism happens in-between the second and third brain state. If you have ever driven a car somewhere and then at the end of the trip have forgotten the details of the trip, this is a type of hypnotic trance. You allow for your subconscious and unconscious mind to take over and allow for your conscious mind to relax. This relaxing of the conscious mind is incredibly important for self-hypnosis. In your brain is something called a critical factor. This process out all information you deem to be untrue. If you are a smoker you may think every time you get into a car you have to smoke or you will go insane. This is not actually the case for most smokers, but yet they still feel as if it is true. Anyone telling them it is not will be negatively viewed due to the critical factor blocking the statement that they don’t need to smoke as invalid.

The first way to lower the critical factor is to mention a lot of yes statements such as where you are, what you are doing, what you like, what your name is. At this point your brain will be thinking yes, yes, yes, yes and after a while you can throw a maybe into the equation such as you don’t need to eat McDonald’s every day. Before this you must completely allow for yourself to relax. Some people can do this naturally. Try staring at a spot on the wall for a while as you sit in a chair. After a few seconds your eyes will fatigue. As you notice this occurring, allow for your eyes to close and think of yourself in the most relaxing place you have ever been. First focus on yourself in the place and then imagine the feeling of relaxation you have there. Imagine the feeling of relaxation rushing over your body and as it does your muscles become relaxed. Then as you continue to do this, think in your head about the goals you want to accomplish such as working out frequently and eating only healthy foods. Reinforce this by using positive words for each action. For instance say in your head if you eat healthy foods you will feel amazing and have so much energy to accomplish your goals in life. The healthy food will taste so good because your body knows that it needs healthy food. Then allow for your eyes to open after you have said all of this. After a week of doing this once or twice a day you should notice your motivation to be incredibly strong in comparison to where it was just a week prior.


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