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Jay Robb 3 Day Fruit Flush Detox Diet Review – Does it Work?

These days we are constantly bombarded by the newest die plan or product. The latest one is called 3 day fruit flush diet by Jay Robb. According to Jay, your body can be cleansed of toxins by special combinations of natural food and fruits. If you follow the 3 day fruit flush diet, the toxins in your body can be removed along with excess pounds. Does 3 day fruit flush diet really work, or it’s just a gimmick?

Firstly let’s examine the diet plan. The plan lasts for 3 days and is rather simple: first day is pre flush day, followed by two days of fruit flushing day. Your meals consist mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, you are also required to take small amount of protein shake, lean protein (chicken, beef or turkey), olive oil or flaxseed oil. Jay Robb claims that you can lose up to 9 pounds within the 3 days!

However, I suspect that you may only lose water weight at best. This 3 day fruit flush is not a balanced and healthy diet as it is extremely low in calories. It is not feasible in the long run. In fact, you may even gain back all the weight once you resume normal meals. You may also notice that Jay Robb does not mention the importance of regular exercise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do highly recommend that you increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as they help to improve your overall health. According to WebMD, you do not need detox diet or product to remove the ‘toxins’ from your body. It’s because your body does a wonderful job in natural cleansing. However, you are encouraged to increase fiber intake to improve bowel movement.


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