Jenny Craig Diet – Why is it Famous and Why Do Celebrities Promote It?

Jenny Craig Diet – Why is it Famous and Why Do Celebrities Promote It?

Jenny Craig Diet is one of those diets whose claim to fame are innovative methods that worked well for celebrities. With the publicity that this diet gets, it is not hard to miss.

So what is the fuss around Jenny Craig Diet?

Apart from its heavy endorsements by the likes of Queen Latifah, there are other qualities to this method that many people find intriguing.

First off, it uses professional counseling. Counseling is often a good idea when it comes to trimming the body’s fat. This provides proper guidance, direction, and information that are otherwise inaccessible to average dieters. Counseling also acts like a motivating factor and a support system for most people who undergo the diet program.

Second, this diet makes use of carefully selected and carefully measured foods. Though many people cringe at the fact that foods for this diet are bought from Jenny Craig offices and centers, there are also those who find this very convenient. These are usually those who have sufficient money to spare. These foods are already prepared to fit the exact caloric needs of a person. These are also well-balanced.

Third, it is a tailored type of method. Through systematic evaluations of a person’s health and body status, the counselors and program developers of this weight loss method can pinpoint exactly what a particular participant requires.

Fourth, it gives emphasis on the importance of physical activity in the success of a weight loss plan. It leaves no room for second-guessing for participants since the diet itself provides pointers on how to use appropriate physical activities.

With these points laid, it is easy to comprehend why this is a fairly popular opt-in solution to losing weight. Overall, this weight loss program is comprehensive; it brings to the table issues that should be addressed by all other types of diets. Nonetheless, many complaints, mostly demonstrating dissatisfaction, have been heard about the Jenny Craig diet.


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