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Man Weight Loss Success Story – Crimson Head Lost 80 Lbs

Man Weight Loss Success Story – Crimson Head Lost 80 Lbs

Left: Winter 2011, 5’11”, 252 lbs
Right: Winter 2015, 5’11”, 172 lbs

Accept that it’s not a short-term fix, but a permanent lifestyle change. Accept that your personality will change. Accept that strangers will treat you more kindly once you lose weight, as wrong as that is. Accept that you’ll lose people and gain new ones. Accept that you’ll build a new ego and even get cocky, and that while it’s natural for that to occur, it’s also something that needs to be kept in check.

Eating healthy and working out is how to do it. Weight loss is the immediate result but the subtle results are even stronger and more long-lasting than the physical ones. It takes a while. I’m four years in my weight loss journey but I still have areas I want to improve upon. It never stops. But you learn to really enjoy improving yourself and seeing the difference in what people say and in the photos you take. Never in my life did I ever dream of being here, this happy with myself, having the self-confidence to go up to girls and talk to them, and knowing that I have the willpower to do what I used to think was impossible.

Man Weight Loss Success Story – Crimson Head Lost 80 Lbs

I’ve gotten a lot of messages with people asking how I do it. How I lost the weight, but more specifically, where did I find the motivation to do it? How do I stay on track?

I never 100% have consistently stayed on track. I just came back from Brazil where I ran but I ate whatever I wanted and never touched a dumbbell. I’ve spent the last few weeks being back home in Iowa where I haven’t done much at all except a workout session once a week.

So as an example, here’s me that’s been off track for a bit (which is normal) but I’m getting back on track. I re-joined the gym today that I was a member of last summer before I flew to Brazil.

My fitness goals for 2015 aren’t formulated yet, but I do know that at this point in my weight loss journey, I’ll be worrying far less about how much I weigh since building muscle increases weight. And, like a laser, I will be focusing on my body fat percentage. I think I’m at a 14 or 15% the last time I checked but that was poor measurements and who knows where I’m at now. I haven’t changed much since the last time I checked. Anyhow, my goal is to lower it. I’m meeting with a personal coach on Tuesday to get my measurements so I know where I’m starting off at. Once I have those, I’ll create new “before” photos.

This is how I set goals: January 2015 – December 2015 is way too much time to set goals within. It’s way too broad. I usually like to set monthly goals (I’ll lose X amount of lbs by next month) but I won’t do that this time. I think I’ll figure out what body fat percentage loss is reasonable to reach by June 2015, and my goal will be to reach that percentage. My reward for receiving that percentage will be to dip into my “adventure jar” funds I have set up for travel, and I’ll go visit my sister in Los Angeles in July or August. That’s when I’ll do my “after” photos. On the beach. Looking hot. With a six pack (but seriously how awesome would it be if I could develop that by June). With a drink in hand. And maybe a surfboard because I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, but never tried because of body insecurities.

So anyhow I know that’s a lot to read but if you want an example of getting back on track and setting goals, this is it. Once I figure out what the specifics of my goals are, what fitness or dietary goals I’ll set for myself, I’ll update.

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