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Mini-Master Cleanse an Easy Daily Master Cleanse For You

Mini-Master Cleanse an Easy Daily Master Cleanse For You

I know many of you have been reading or have read about the benefits of the “Lemonade Diet, Master Cleanse Diet, etc.” It’s been tagged with many names to sound different.

There have been stories about Beyonce losing 20 lbs. due to the Master Cleanse for her last concert. Numerous other celebrities tout weight loss, body cleansing, and detoxification using the Master Cleanse and endorsing its benefits. I have used the Master Cleanse and it does work…but not quite like all the hype.

I believe ANYTHING that detoxifies your system naturally is good for you. But, sometimes we don’t have time to prepare whatever form or type of detoxification we use. Time and convenience are part of our hectic lives in these difficult times.

The Master Cleanse is a pretty simple concoction to prepare and utilize for a programmed personal detoxification and cleansing, but my mini-master cleanse is really simple!

Here’s how I discovered my mini-master cleanse quite by accident, as so many health or healing remedies are!

I was stranded at San Francisco Airport for 13 hours last January. It was a cold and rainy day, the airport was crowded. Not many people were smiling nor taking this delay with a grain of salt! You could feel the air of germs all around the airport. This was a prime place to get really sick!

I had already contacted a little bug prior to being at the airport. As the time past I could feel a fever starting to come, the aches, the headache, and maybe the flu…shoot!

I got home and immediately went to bed and slept for 13 hours hoping this would prevent the full impact of the flu. But, then the coughing came, headaches, diarrhea, and the full blown effects of the flu hit me. It knocked me out for over 2 weeks!

Usually when I get the flu I’m over it in 7 to 10 days, this flu would not go away! I can usually start back on my exercise routine about 5 days after the worst day of the flu. This time I couldn’t! It wasn’t your typical flu.

I finally went to the doctor and discovered I had contacted a bacterial virus. Fortunately it had not got into my lungs and I was put on antibiotics 750 mg. a day (I normally will not take prescription drugs). This was a serious bacterial virus with a serious cough, and the doctor did not want this virus to turn into pneumonia.

The flu finally subsided and I started getting almost normal again. But, the cough lingered and refused to go away even with prescription cough medicine. I went through the whole prescribed bottle of cough medicine and the cough still lingered. I refused to get a second bottle and tried to deal with the coughing attacks. I would mentally focus on suppressing the cough as I felt it coming and it would work occasionally.

I decided to call a friend who is an Energist/Healer, she is the real deal! She did a diagnostic on me and said I needed to drink filtered warm water with lemon and honey.

I immediately prepared the mixture and started drinking about 10 oz, of filtered water with a lemon wedge and 2 heaping teaspoons of honey. I felt the relief in my throat and lungs right away. I forgot how such a simple drink tasted so good! I continued to drink this mixture about 8 times a day.

During the crucial time of the flu, I did not eat. I mean DID NOT eat, I had no appetite! After the 7th day, I tried to eat some soup and porridge, but my taste buds were shot.

That’s when I spoke to my healer friend, and started the mini-master cleanse. It became my liquid diet.

The big surprise was not how much I urinated, but how I could feel the mini-master clean out the putrid residue in my intestines, kidneys, and liver. I saw a change in my skin complexion and my body lean out. I looked great even though I still had residue of the flu.

About 5 days after consuming only the mini cleanse, I tried to return to my morning routine. I usually have a piece of whole grain toast and café au lait every morning. After, while reading the paper, I added a glass of the mini-master. I’m regular with my bowel movements every morning. But, adding the mini-master would clean me out even more every morning!

I’m over my flu, but I continue to drink one mini every morning and 4-6 glasses a day of my mini-master. My body looks and feels great!

It’s simply filtered water, lemon wedge, and honey!! It’s a great way to ease into a body detoxification and cleansing routine.

I believe after you do this program for 10 days or more, you will see some good results.

Hopefully, this will convince you of the benefits of detoxification and internal cleansing of the body, and you will check out other detoxification and cleansing programs. Maybe this will be enough!


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