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Rapid Weight Loss With Exercises

Rapid Weight Loss With Exercises

Many times, when people try to undergo a rapid weight loss program, they make several mistakes along the way.

Common mistakes are in choosing a diet to follow, eating too little calories, skipping meals, and other issues. Losing weight quickly is possible, but the key is doing it correctly with a well-balanced diet and exercise program.

One of the biggest failures of achieving rapid weight loss is the selection of a fad diet. Many of these diets severely restrict the intake of various different foods and results in the elimination of important nutrients.

Rather than picking up on the latest fad advertised in a weekly supermarket magazine, put together your own well-balanced meal plan based on your daily caloric needs, using healthy foods that you enjoy. Choose foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Select good protein sources such as lean meats, poultry, and fish. Consider low-fat dairy products and nuts for protein as well.

In your meal plan, focus daily on the elimination of added sugars, salt, animal fat, refined carbohydrates, junk food, and alcohol. These foods offer little in nutritional value, aid in the storage of fat, retain water, and can often cause you to overeat. All of these issues usually cause hang-ups and frustrations in a weight loss program.

Also, be sure to include a food based multi-vitamin and water to your diet. A multi-vitamin will ensure that your body has all the nutrients that it needs to function. A target of 8 – 10 glasses of water per day is sure to keep you hydrated and allow your body to rid itself of the toxins created from burning calories.

While these tips are essential for rapid weight loss, a high intensity exercise program is very much an important key in the process. Heightened physical activity will help to create the caloric deficit needed to lose weight. The frequency is important as well. Intensively exercising every ten days will do little for your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, daily exercise for as little as 30 minutes can provide great benefits. Of course, to lose weight more quickly, you will need to increase the length of your daily workouts. Be sure to include two days of rest in your program in order to prevent injury.

An exercise program doesn’t have to mean investing in an expensive gym membership. Instead, choose one hour, calorie burning physical activities that you enjoy doing or can do at home. Try swimming, tennis or cycling as high intensity ways to burn calories. Here are some examples of exercises you can do at home:


Walk or jog in your own neighborhood.


Choose aerobic and strength training DVDs that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Buy several different types in order to add variety to your workouts and to focus on a different area of the body each time. You won’t get bored and your body will burn more calories getting used to a new routine.


If you have them, run the stairs in your home. Switch up the routine to do them one at a time, and two at a time. Also, try climbing them backwards or while holding a weight ball.
With exercise, you can lose weight quickly and even allow room to enjoy more foods in your meal plans.

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