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Running for Weight Loss – How Many Calories Do You Burn Running?

Running for Weight Loss – How Many Calories Do You Burn Running?

Running is one of the best cardio workouts to lose weight with. it may even be the best. Running is an awesome workout not just because it’s effective but also because it is a simple workout that can be done without any special equipment. a child can run, we’re naturally made for this activity.

However, not every run is as effective as the next. If you’re running for weight loss purposes, you should take action to get the most out of each workout. this is what this article is about.

We will judge the effectiveness of your running workout by the amount of calories you burn during it. the problem is that this changes from one person to the next.

The first thing that matters is your weight. the heavier you are, the more calories you burn when you run at a certain speed for a certain length of time. a 200 pound man will burn more calories than a 160 pound man if they both run for the same time at the same pace. it is simply because the heavier you are, the more energy is required to move your body.

Speed is also a factor. According to the calorie caclulator on BodyBuilding.com, a 160 pound individual, running for 60 minutes will burn the following number of calories:

  • If the pace is 10 miles per hour you will burn 1219 calories in total (quite a lot for a one hour workout but the pace is very fast).
  • If you slow down to 8 miles per hour, you will burn 1029 calories, still quite a lot.
  • If you slow down even more to 5 miles per hour, you will end up burning 610 calories in total.

As you can see, the amount of calories that you burn depends on the time and the speed of your workout. Naturally, these are not totally accurate numbers because your pace will likely fluctuate during your workout. In addition, these numbers do not reflect the conditions in which you perform your workout.

For instance, if you run at an incline then you will burn more calories than on a plain. the temperature and the humidity also play some role. Even the terrain has an effect on the overall calories burned in a workout. it is much harder to run through beach sand than it is on tarmac.

What is important is to run fast, incorporating burst of high speed in your run, If you do that, you will burn a lot of calories in your run. the exact number is less important.

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