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Shocking Female Body Image Statistics

Shocking Female Body Image Statistics

We all have our own views on the fashion model industry whether we think that the very thin models are the epitome of attractiveness or that they look far too thin to be healthy and there are many shocking body image statistics available to prove just what the average woman thinks of the media portrayal. A quick trawl through the Internet would soon provide a mass of body image statistics and many of them are quite worrying because the reality confirms that a pressure exists to look good by comparison. Body image statistics reveal that depression and eating disorders can occur as a result.

There are always extreme reactions when it comes to the issues of weight and size and it is not just the media that flaunts images of those who are very thin, when we look around we see that those very slim women are considered naturally more pleasing to the eye, although this does not equate to good health of course. So it would appear that body image statistics merely echo the thoughts of the masses…

Here are some shocking female body image statistics:

· Seven out of ten women felt depressed and angry when they had seen pictures of thin female fashion models.

· When asked, two out of five women specified that they would gladly give up 3 -5 years of their lives, if they could just reach their ideal weight goals

· In the United States, approximately 7 million girls and women experience eating disorders.

· When asked, 51% of girls aged 9-10 stated when asked that they did feel better about themselves when they were on a diet.

· 80% of all the women who were asked stated that they were dissatisfied with their own appearance.

· Approximately 88% of all the girls interviewed admitted that they do feel a need to “look perfect”

These are worrying statistics. It certainly endorses the concerns of many that we should be using ‘normal’ sized models for advertising purposes or in fashion, but as this has been an argument that has existed for years, it is likely to continue without any real resolve.

Whilst there will always be a place for thin women in the modelling industry, the most important factor will be as to how we can avoid these images impacting us because if young girls of 9 and 10 years of age are starting to feel the pressure, then imagine the damage this can do by way of extreme eating disorders if we are not careful. To improve the situation, we should use these body image statistics to educate people and make them realise that comparison is a waste of time and that we should be working on improving our relationship with food and increasing our self esteem so that these images, do not affect anyone in a negative way.


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