Slim Fast Diet Plan – Loss 1-1.5 Kg Each Day

Slim Fast Diet Plan Loss 1 1.5 Kg Each Day

Slim Fast Diet Plan – Loss 1-1.5 Kg Each Day

Slim fast diet plan will help you to loss 1-1.5 kg for each day. You can apply this diet plan for about one week; after that you need to have minimum one week break. Following slim fast diet plan, you will not feel a sense of hunger, because it contains saturated products.
You have 4 different options for each meal, you need to choose only one.

Basic rules for slim fast diet plan:

Drink as much mineral water (non-carbonated) as you can, but a fat free milk to your tea or coffee should not exceed 250 ml.

Before each meal try to eat a large portion of salad – prepare it out of celery, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, slices of apples, peppers, beans, tomatoes and corn grains with one tbsp yogurt, lemon juice, vinegar and spices.

Don’t forget to choose only one option for your slim fast diet plan.


1. one slice of black bread with margarine, one banana, one apple, grapes;
2. one boiled egg, a slice of black bread, a glass of natural yogurt;
3. two slices of black bread, one small banana, a teaspoon of honey;
4. Two dry wheat cakes, glass of milk or unsweetened orange juice, apple one.


200 g boiled potatoes and eat it with one of the following additions:
1. a small portion of cabbage;
2. 100 grams of cottage cheese;
3. 50 g of ham or chicken without skin;
4. Two tbsp cooked beans.


100 g noodles with one of the following additions:
1. 100 g of shrimp with tomatoes and garlic;
2. 50 g of cooked chicken without skin in mushroom sauce with lemon juice;
3. 50 g of ham with tomatoes and garlic.
4. 200 g of any fish steamed or grilled (without sauce), 125 g of boiled potatoes and a large portion of green salad.


a banana or two small apples.
Snacks during the day:
1. a large glass of dry wine and a small cracker;
2. a small banana and a pear;
3. two slices of black bread with salad;
4. a small bar “Mars” or “Sinkers”.


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