15 pound weight loss before and after

  • Fat Loss MotivationJeanine lost 79 pounds

    Jeanine lost 79 pounds

    Jeanine lost 79 pounds Weight Loss Transformation of the Day: Jeanine lost 79 pounds. After a terrible wake up call at an amusement park, she vowed to do something about her weight. Her story reflects the truth that what works for one person may not work for all. She was willing to go through the trial and error that it often takes to succeed and eventually found a plan…

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  • Fat Loss Motivation

    LaTausha lost 22 pounds

    Transformation of the Day: Tausha has released 22 pounds. A vacation video served as her wakeup call. She also wanted to do something about her pre-diabetes and blood pressure. Check out how she is taking action.

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