Cynthia lost 250 pounds

Cynthia lost 250 pounds. She was able to lose 80 pounds on her own before having weight loss surgery. Check out what she shared with us about her hard work and the actions she took to achieve success.

Mary Maxwell’s Weight Loss Story

My name is Mary and I am a survivor. In the short 24 years I’ve been on this Earth I have faced many hardships. I do not let the past problems define who I am, I am defined by how I conquered those trials and turned them into triumph. Being overweight my whole life has …

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Is Your Weight Loss Story Like Mines?

My weight loss journey took many twist and turns throughout my life. I’ll take you back when things were good! I was what you would call a “jock” back in high school. I played basketball, ran track and played my favorite sport football. I was built like a rock – 6 feet tall and a …

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