Nicole lost 68 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Nicole lost 68 pounds. This Atlanta Comedian has battled her weight for years. She was also was diagnosed with narcolepsy/cataplexy, which can affect weight gain. She shared with us about her journey and how weight loss can take a toll on your self image.

Shaquanna lost 107 pounds

When her weight reached 300+ lbs, she knew that it was time to make her health a priority and get back to a more active lifestyle. After speaking with her doctor about the potential health risks she faced, she opted to have the VSG procedure and totally change her lifestyle.

Mary Maxwell’s Weight Loss Story

My name is Mary and I am a survivor. In the short 24 years I’ve been on this Earth I have faced many hardships. I do not let the past problems define who I am, I am defined by how I conquered those trials and turned them into triumph. Being overweight my whole life has …

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