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  • Fat Loss MotivationWeight Loss Success Stories Before and After

    Weight Loss Success Stories Before and After

    Gaining weight is very easy while losing weight is very hard and complicated. To inspire you my dearest readers, I will share to you a weight loss success stories before and after of some of my friends. Their stories will help you get motivated to lose weight and to stay fit and healthy. REUNITED LOVE OF EMMA Emma has shown me that having a fat body can really turn…

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  • Fat Loss Motivation75 Pounds Lost How I turned my life around

    LaBresha lost 130 pounds

    LaBresha lost 130 pounds As a nurse, she regularly saw the medical complications that can come with obesity. When she reached her highest weight of over 400 lbs, she started making practical, lifestyle changes and never gave up. Check out how she released the weight.

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  • Diets

    Housewife Diet

    While applying this diet with 1600 calories per day, chocolate, ice cream and biscuits or tart as you do not compromise on food, but you pay attention to the amount. You can give 1 to 3 kilos per month. If you want to lose more weight, you should lower the amount of bread in two tranches and eat yoghurt and fruit instead of dessert and chocolate. Monday Breakfast 1…

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