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  • Diet Recipes

    Cran Apple Chia Jam Recipe

    Sweet and delicious—this Cran Apple Chia Jam is the perfect spread for your morning toast. At just 33 calories per serving, you can bite into homemade jam without feeling guilty about the overload of sugar and preservatives that are often found in store-bought jams. Packed with vitamins and delicious and naturally sweet flavor, this jam can be made in minutes and stored in the fridge to sweeten up your…

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  • Fat Loss Motivation

    Candy Hughes Weight Loss Stories Down 103 pounds today!

    Down 103 pounds today! Keeping focused on my journey, im almost there. One day at a time right? Teaching myself patience and discipline since some days I want everything right now ? Crazy to see how much my face has changed when I started all of this. Carb face vs keto face ? If youre on the same path don’t give up, watch what you say to yourself, monitor…

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