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The Fat Smash Diet Review

The Fat Smash Diet Review

What is the Fat Smash Diet?

In a nutshell, the Fat Smash Diet is a 90-day diet program formulated by a diet doctor, Ian K. Smith, M.D. that has developed this plan for anybody who wants to lose weight. It is a diet book that coaches its readerships through four crucial phases, each of which comes with lists of permissible and prohibited foods.

It all started when a hot reality TV program decided to help overweight Hollywood celebrities lose weight through a series of challenges. Dr Smith developed and customized a four-phase diet plan for them and now he is offering that revolutionary diet program as an available book.

The Philosophy

Fat Smash Diet is about how to smash your bad habits of the past and how to improve yourself to take on new challenges and passions while you can really enjoy your daily life. This plan shows the right basics of eating healthy, but you don´t need to worry about having some unhealthy foods every now and then. The point is to find a balance in your life and do things in moderation. These are the implicit foundations of the Fat Smash Diet Program.

The Phases:

The Fat Smash Diet is specially formulated to be a 90-day program with four phases that helps dieters adjust their body relationship to food and physical activity. You will ultimately be able to correct not only your food consumption, but also your understanding and attitude towards food and even the way you consider the importance of physical activity for achieving a healthy life. Each and every phase must be followed after the previous phases because they all support each other like the levels of a pyramid.

1) The Detoxification phase lasts for nine days trying to help you clean your body and mind of impurities. You will have to limit your food intake to mostly fruits and vegetables. According to Dr. Smith, you can lose anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds during this phase.

2) The Foundation phase lasts for three weeks after the phases 1, trying to help you lay out the basics to a healthier way of eating. Portion control, not calorie counting, is the main part of this phase.

3) The Construction phase lasts for four weeks focusing on an eating plan that integrates the foods you love including pasta, desserts, bread, etc.

4) The Temple phase is all about maintenance and self control. It is your approach to maintaining your weight by treating your good eating habits as a sacred temple. You should respect and honor your temple by not eating out of control.

Pros and Cons:

The book is short and easy-to-read. It is straightforward and to the point.

You can eat several smaller mini-meals each day, so you won´t get hungry all the time.

You can choose from a variety of foods, just in case you don’t like some of suggested meals.

There are some easy-to-make and tasty food recipes for each diet phase laid out in the book.

It allows you to select the fruits and vegetables you like with little restrictions on the types.

While there is a lot of vital information in the book, you can find a few unexplained things that you would need to know more about them. In other words, it is lacking detail.

Overall, the Fat Smash Diet Program is all about teaching you portion control and how to pick the right foods. So your understanding and attitude towards eating and even physical activity really matters in this diet program.

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