My Weight Loss Story (From 83kgs to 65kgs)-Ms. Feruse Khader

Feruse is a recent New Mother on the block and you will be delighted to hear her weightloss journey. She talks about how she overcame her struggles, her inhibitions and the fear around weightloss. She is a working mom too.

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My Weight Loss Story (From 83kgs to 65kgs)-Ms. Feruse Khader

Hey Guys,

I’m Feruse Khader. I’m a mother of one and wife to my supportive husband who is an ex-army officer. I have always been health conscious, but never really worked out for weight loss. Although now I have fallen in love with fitness and weightlifting as it makes me feel happy and confident about myself.

I was 83kgs before my pregnancy. My height is 5’3″ . Initially I thought it would be easy to lose the baby weight after delivery, but the reality was completely opposite. During my pregnancy, my doctor did not allow me any kind of activity or exercise due to complications that may arise during pregnancy. After delivery, I did lose some weight but then again staying at home with the baby and eating out of boredom made me gain some more weight.

I had suffered from postpartum depression which led to emotional eating and a lot more unwanted fat gain. It wasn’t until a close friend of mine came up with the suggestion to join any online fitness program that I decided to take control of my life again.

I was so overwhelmed by all the information on the internet about nutrition, exercises etc that I couldn’t decide what was best for me, so I joined a few programs where one could get