You’re Costing Me My Weight Loss Surgery Vs Success Story My 600 Lbs Life!

My 600 Lbs Life is a show that shows the successes and the struggles of people trying to change their life and live a healthier lifestyle. We can learn a lot from peoples story.

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You’re Costing Me My Weight Loss Surgery Vs Success Story My 600 Lbs Life!

People go on TV to show what they have been through and to help others in hopes that it will help them. They share their story because they want to help and inspire others with what they have learned. When people are trying to get healthy, weight loss surgery is usually part of the process.

I personally do not believe in weight loss surgery, I believe that you can lose weight without surgery if you are willing to put in the work, but for some people, surgery is necessary because of health complications.

One of my favorite 600 lb success stories was Paula Jones. She lost around 400 lbs after weight loss surgery, but even with her incredible weight loss she still wanted more! She wanted more out of life and she wasn’t satisfied with just having surgery. She continued working out, she changed her diet and she completely changed her life!

She started a business and she is doing so much better than when she first started her journey. She inspires me every day because no matter what setbacks or challenges she had, she never gave up!

She was an inspiration for everyone.

  • Avatar of Havena Hollins
    Havena Hollins
    9 months önce

    That was definitely me at one point! Meaning the first and second story. Now I have goals and I had to change my mindsets. So now I’m just putting in work every day! Even when I make a bad decision or have a bad day I jump back on my plan!

  • Avatar of Shakira Brooks
    Shakira Brooks
    9 months önce

    I always had an excuse, why i couldn’t work out, why i couldn’t eat healthy, why i couldn’t do it! I always waited for people to come with me to the gym. I woke up one morning and decided i was going to come to Tr fit and i haven’t left since. I slip sometimes but i try to keep going! This is my journey alone and no one has the power to influence it.