Want To Stay Home And Exercise? Here Are 5 Tips To Workout At Home And Not Lose Motivation!

Here Are 5 Tips To Workout At Home And Not Lose Motivation

Can’t get on equipment since they are all occupied. Crazy and very loud music. Too many people socializing and not exercising. Intimidating. Expensive. Confusing contracts. Driving to the gym. Buying comfortable but expensive exercise gear. And so much more! These are the common things that most people complain about when going to a gym… and you know what… I was one of them! Then I decided to stay home and workout instead.

However, in the beginning, I hit plenty of roadblocks and ended up losing motivation like crazy! The good news is that I figured out 5 simple tips that will not only make it effective for you to workout at home, but also affordable, EASY, FUN, and you’ll least likely lose motivation!

1. Do workouts that are fun…

There is nothing more frustrating than doing boring workouts! Also, there is nothing more that will deter you away from staying motivated with exercising at home than doing boring workouts. Solution? Do exercises that YOU find fun. I emphasized YOU because what may be fun for one, may not be fun for you. For example, a workout that I do at home is boxing on a reflex bag. This thing is such a blast! Not to mention, it helps relieve stress too! Now this may not be your cup of tea, but maybe doing something like the Insanity Workout or P90X will be something YOU find fun.

2. Do not complicate things…

Most people think that if they workout at home, the workout must be pretty complex in order to compare to the workout you can get a gym. This is not true. You can do basic and simple workouts at home and STILL get in shape just as you could at the gym.

3. Do body weight circuit routines…

One of the best at-home workouts that incorporate both of the things I just mentioned above is doing a body weight circuit routine. A body weight circuit routine is simply choosing a number (3,5,7, etc.) of body weight exercises, do them non-stop in a circuit for let’s say 10 repetitions for each workout, rest for 30-60 seconds, and then complete the circuit again. This type of workout is INTENSE, it burns fat, it builds muscle, you lose weight, and you don’t need equipment!

4. Make a space in your home that you can exercise comfortably…

One surefire way to lose motivation after some time is if you have to keep reorganizing an area in your home so that you can do a workout. The best thing that I recommend is to simply figure out a way to designate a particular area of your home that you can comfortably workout in… without having to do too much or any reorganizing.

5. Avoid getting caught in the exercise equipment trap…

This trap is set once you start thinking that in order for you to get in shape, you must have equipment similar to a gym. This is certainly not true! You DO NOT need a ton of exercise equipment to get in amazing shape. The equipment I use on a daily basis is a push-up bar, a dip station, a reflex bag, and a Swiss ball. Sometimes I’ll use some weights I have lying around, but this is certainly not necessary.


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