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Weight Loss Programs for Women

Weight Loss Programs for Women

Weight loss can be a difficult for any woman to achieve. Various options and methods are readily available for all and choosing the right one can prove to be challenging.

Not all programs are “one-size-fits-all,” and women may find their needs to be different than men. Finding a tailored weight loss program for women can be the key to success for some women.

There are differences between men and women when it comes to weight loss and men seem to have an advantage.

Even with the same program, men seem to lose weight at a more rapid speed than women. This quickened rate is mainly due to their difference in body composition. Men have a higher composition of lean body mass than women.

This make up allows their metabolism to burn calories at a faster rate than women. In addition to that, men generally tend to be more active than women. A combination of these factors results men being more successful at dropping pounds than women.

To account for this, women can turn to weight loss programs that will be more beneficial to for their body types.

Top Brand Weight Loss Programs

Many women may be familiar with the top brand weight loss programs, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers. These programs have a long-term history and a track record of success for women. These programs offer nutritional tips and education on healthy eating for a lifetime of success.

The programs also offer one-on-once consultation and well as interaction and involvements in support groups of weight loss peers. These programs create a system for tracking food and workout activity that gets women engaged and excited about their journey. Success stories are overwhelming for these groups.

Online Weight Loss Programs and Apps

Some dieters prefer programs where, due to a busy schedule, they do not have to “check in” at a location for meetings and weigh-ins. Online and phone applications offer solutions for women on the go.

These alternatives allow women to design their own program based on their individual height and weight, and to track their own food consumption, exercise activity, and weight and measurements. Food journals are touted to be very effective in helping women to achieve their goals.

Often times, dieters do not realize the total accumulation of calories consumed, or the amount of total carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, or cholesterol taken in on a daily basis. Examples of these programs are Myfitnesspal.com and Myfatsecret.com. These applications offer both online version and phone apps for logging on the go.


With any weight loss program, it’s important for women to invest in multivitamin and other supplement to ensure that they are meeting their dietary needs. Lack of a particular nutrient may cause hindrance in effectively burning calories. A good quality food based vitamin and mineral complex should be supplemented on a daily basis during and after weight loss.

One advantage women do tend to have in weight loss over men is that they can be more weight conscious, and therefore more diligent to a weight loss program. So the key is finding the right program for you and sticking to it.

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