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Weight Loss Stories – Alice Booty Progress

Weight Loss Stories – Alice Booty Progress

Hi! My name is Alice Jane Hill and this is my booty progress :)
When I started I had no ass, an eating disorder and a whole lot of doubt and self hate. I turned it around though and so can you!

I KNOW we all want to see results and see them NOW but honestly… slow progress is the best progress.
There’s 14 months difference between these photos. It’s funny my first day at a gym was 68 weeks ago. If you scroll down my instagram I literally wrote in the caption “I have no idea what I’m doing! So weak, so unco BUT the great thing about starting at the bottom is you only have up to go!“ … I gotta tell you guys, sometimes I love my optimistic self.

I didn’t know how to use any machines let alone have the confidence to use free weights. I was intimidated and overwhelmed at times. I was inconsistent and a cardio queen…but I kept going back because I had goals to get done! Looking at where I started 68 weeks ago and seeing where I am now physically and mentally is awesome. Even the changes I’ve made in the last few months have really taken me to a good place.

Moral of the story is- never give up. Just do it. Even If you suck at it. If there’s something you really want to pursue then DO IT. Make a start and fake it till you make it. In this way, you can create your weight loss story as soon as possible.

Weight Loss Stories – Alice Booty Progress

I used to have no curves. No butt. No shape. At first I didn’t mind, i honestly didn’t care but when I did rather than complain I made a change. A commitment.
I put in the work. Made the sacrifice. Did the research. Asked for help. Tried new things and told myself every fucking day “if they can do it so can I”. Some days i felt too tired.
Some days I was frustrated.
Some days I felt like giving up.
But most days I bit the bullet and told myself to shut up and nut up and got the job done. “I can. I will. I must”

I’m not perfect I don’t claim to bed. There are a lot of things that need improving. I can always eat better, train harder and push more. However, that’s what keeps me hungry. Making the most of what I’ve got and improving myself every day.

If you want it, work for it.


Flat ass to DAT ASS.. Some of my fitness journey facts;
My first proper day at a gym was 87 weeks ago, 8/5/2013. Scroll down if you don’t believe me.
I studied at AIF in 2013 to become a qualified PT and became a master personal trainer.
I had a gym membership as a kid which my mother paid for which I regretfully NEVER USED.
I first began using instagram whilst battling an eating disorder, and have since then recovered.
I spent my first year at the gym not knowing what to do, using google and bodybuilding.com for workouts.
I used to get so anxious entering the gym and was intimidated by the weights until I realised most people are just as clueless!
I first started squatting in hopes of dating this one guy- fairytale romance I know. He’s now moved states so…clearly I came on too strong.
Eating healthy foods is easier for me than eating healthy portions. Carbs you say? Load them up.
I have met some amazing people through here who have offered me an immeasurable amount of support, and for that I am forever grateful!


Didn’t even know I had a photo like this… The left is me a few years back, pretty soft and squishy as you can see. The right is me post spray tan and 21st birthday so I was looking pretty lean!
Right now I’m sitting somewhere in between these photos as I’ve just moved house so my training and eating habits have been compromised. I’m not bothered though because I know my body fairly well these days so nothing a slight diet change and training adjustments won’t cure!
I’ll take a photo of me sitting and wearing the same clothes when I’m hitting the gym and my macros again, and that should give a fair comparison but shiiiiiit, forgot how uncomfortable I used to be and how much pressure I would put on myself to get lean which just resulted in me binge eating and feeling bad about myself… Goes to show, if you change your mind the rest will follow…


Here’s a quick explanation of what I mean by “bulk lean, bulk lean”. Basically I put on a bit of weight, by increasing my calories (usually upping my carbs), which allows me to lift heavier loads in the gym and helps me build strength. That way when I want to start lifting higher reps and start leaning out (‘cutting’) I’m able to increase the load I lift, even if it’s just slightly and keep some size. There’s more to this process but essentially this allows me to build muscle strength, improve muscle growth and in the long run burn fat without losing all my ass. When ‘Bulking’ i’ll hit 2,500 cals (maybe more) and when ‘cutting’ ill be eating around 1,600 cals. Still playing around with it all but I’ll get there…


To the left is me before gym training and during my eating disorder, and the right is me recently- a lot healthier and happier.
I could point out all the physical improvements I’ve made in a heartbeat but my biggest improvements can not be shown.
Where I am mentally now compared to where I was three years ago is indescribable. I am a completely different person.
Learning to love yourself should be easy but it’s not. Reality is you are your toughest critic. You see yourself at your worst, you know all your dirty secrets and as humans it’s natural to compare to and compete with others… So we’re fucked right? Not exactly.
You are stronger than you know. That’s a fact. We tend to get so caught up in progress and outcomes that we forget the journey. We look at how many steps we have to take, instead of just taking them.
Planning and setting goals is how I got to where I am. No quick fixes. When you take short cuts you miss lessons you need to learn in order to sustain your progress and continue to grow. If it’s easy, it’s not worth it. By challenging yourself you learn to appreciate your efforts and take pride in your accomplishments. You gain self worth which is a thousand times more powerful than ‘looking good’. You feel good too. Truly believing in yourself and your goals is one of the key components to achieving them.
It doesn’t matter how many people say you can and how many say you can’t…only you can control if you do or don’t.
So the question is, can you or can’t you?

Because I can, I will and I am.


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