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Weight Loss Success Stories Before and After

Gaining weight is very easy while losing weight is very hard and complicated. To inspire you my dearest readers, I will share to you a weight loss success stories before and after of some of my friends. Their stories will help you get motivated to lose weight and to stay fit and healthy.


Emma has shown me that having a fat body can really turn around. She made a remarkable transformation from being fat to fit. You just have to bring the proper ingredients then you’ll get the remarkable result. So what are the ingredients by the way? You’ll find the ingredients to one of my friends who experienced weight loss success story before and after.


During her college days, she was pretty and sexy. After graduating, she immediately got married. When she got pregnant, she ate a lot of food. I mean a lot. After the pregnancy, she gained weight. From 143 lbs., she gained 44 lbs. She never noticed her weight gain because she was busy taking care of her daughter. She was happy by that time. One day, their family decided to go to the beach and have fun. They took pictures, swim, and enjoyed the heat of the sun. When they finally got home, Emma viewed their pictures. She was shocked to see her once sexy body turned into a not so sexy body. She deleted the photos. Not only that, her husband suddenly went a bit cold to her. Later on, she found out that her husband was cheating on her. Emma felt very sad and insecured. She wanted her husband back and she wanted her body back so badly.


Feeling so badly wounded and motivated to lose weight, Emma started to watch her diet. She started by eating small meals frequently, increasing her fibre diet and protein intake, as well as lowering her fat intake. After wards, she also started exercising by doing brisk walking every morning for about 40 minutes per day. She also included aerobics in her routine as a cardio workout. Every week, Emma monitors her weight to check if she lost a pound or so. She became so conscious with herself and she wanted to be fit, healthy and sexy once again. Her motivation was so strong that he made it through all the way. Her very heavy 187 lbs weight became 143 lbs now.


After the vigorous exercise and strict diet, Emma achieved her target body. Her strong will to change as well as her great deal of discipline made her body ever sexier. Not only that, her husband noticed her beauty once again and they were reunited once again and much sweeter than ever.


The ingredients in Emma’s weight loss story were having a proper diet plus exercise. But don’t forget the most important ingredient is dedication. A great deal of dedication and perseverance is really needed to attain your goals. That is the largest factor in weight loss. No matter what happens, you have to be strict in following it and never give up. By following those ingredients, maybe, you will be the next one to share your weight loss success stories before and after.


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