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Weight Loss Success Story – Ruby lost 91 pounds

Weight Loss Success Story – Ruby lost 91 pounds

Hello, my name is Ruby and this is my weight loss success story. I have been overweight since I started kindergarten in February 2012 I decided to make a change.


Why I decided to change and get fit –

There were a few things that sparked the change, one was going to college and becoming friends with gorgeous skinny/fit girls and going out with them I always felt like the odd one out. My weight always held me back from talking to new people at parties and I really was not able to throughly enjoy myself. The second spark was when a frat boy told my friend “you can bring all your friends back, just not the fat one”. Then when I went from being vegetarian to vegan (biased off moral reasons) I lost about ten pounds just from eating better and that’s when I realized I could change my body if I wanted to. Now those were the reasons that got me started but now those things are the in the past now and I have completely new motivation. I could give a rats ass what any frat boy has to say anymore, this about me now. I started playing rugby in the fall of 2012 and the sport has my heart, I want to get fit to be a better player. I’ve also gotten a lot more into fashion and honestly I want to lose weight so I can wear more clothes. Although now that I can fit the normal sizes in stores I have so much to choose from and it is a bit overwhelming!

Weight Loss Success Story – Ruby lost 91 pounds

What I eat –

I am vegan because of moral reasons so I do not eat any meat or animal bi-products. I’m not going to go into why I am vegan here but if you are interested in learning more about it you should definitely do some research (there are tons of books and movies out there on the topic) or feel free to ask me questions and I can talk to you privately about it. I love fruits and veggies so I eat a lot of them, raw and cooked. I also love my carbs which isn’t so great but I just eat them in moderation.


Typical breakfasts –

Oatmeal with peanut butter or almond butter, flax and chia seeds, and fruit / Toast with PB or AB with sliced banana on top / Overnight oats with honey on top / fruit salad / soy yogurt with granola

Typical lunch or dinner – half of some sort of veggie sandwich with a side of fruit / chick pea salad in a pita with a side of fruit / homemade veggie burger with a side of veggies or fruit / hummus with pita and veggies / pasta with a veggie red sauce / homemade vegan pizza

Snacks – raw veggies / fruit / soy yogurt / popcorn / almonds



Right now I mostly run, I try to run 2-3 miles 5 times a week and I try to do some yoga at night. I’ve done the 30 day shred twice and I liked that. Once I am back at school I will be using the weight room there to do strength training and I will also have rugby practice 5 times a week

Height: 5’1
Size: 18 16 14 12 10 8 6
Starting Weight: 230lbs
Current Weight: 139lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 130lbs
Pounds To Go: 8.4lbs
goal weight: 169 (5/24/13)
goal weight:159(7/12/13)
goal weight:149 (8/25/13)
goal weight:139 – new ear piercing
Final goal weight – 130!


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